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Hey Hey!

Anthony here, your cruise director on this ship we call Mixxia! For my contribution to "Outsiders Place" I will be including how to's for multiple art and craft projects. So if you are a creative keep an eye out for my posts! I like to keep things inexpensive and thrifty so most of the projects I post should be extremely accessible to everyone from toddler (with supervision) to 100+! For my first one it will be a simple way to reuse those glass jars that you are left with after eating all of that good salsa, jelly or jam!

To start save and wash yourself a few of those glass jars, Tostitos jars are my favorite option they have the best shape and the labels are simple to remove but any will do. Peel the labels off.

There will be glue remnants left and the easiest way I have found to remove the leftover adhesive is by rubbing it off with Goo Gone until the jar is completely clear.

Take the lids and using 150 grit sandpaper scuff up the surface, this helps the paint adhere. you want it to look like this.

Make sure you get the sides too.

In my case, I am using black as the primer and ground color. 2 coats are needed at least and I like to brush on the first and sponge on the second to give the paint a little added texture and grip. Make sure you get the sides and bottom edges of the lid as well.

After both coats are dry, you want to sketch out some lines in a random overlapping pattern on one of the lids to use as a guide for the next step.

Using the lines as a guide paint a white line over each sketched line.

At the end of each of the lines use puff paint to create the fluffy end of the q-tip's The puff paint adds a lot of dimension and helps if you need one in the middle of the night!

For the cotton balls I used a round sponge brush to use as a base.

Once the paint dries I used puff paint to fill in the shape and texturized it using a small paintbrush in a dabbing motion.

For the last lid I found at Marshall's a box of drawer pulls, 6 for $10, and wanted to use one to make the last jar stand out a bit. I measured to get the center of the lid.

After marking the center of the lid I drilled a hole through so I could secure the drawer pull to the lid.

After the paint dried I sprayed a layer of varnish on top to add a little extra protection since these are for bathroom use. Then screwed on the drawer pull.

That's it. Just put the lids back on and fill your jars up! Super simple and super cute way to recycle at home and store those little things we all use daily that never seem to come in the most convenient packaging.

I hope this helps you get the craft bug!

Thank you and have a GREAT day!!

Hugs and Kisses!


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