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Patriotic Mason Jar Luminary

Step 1: Prepare the jar Clean the mason jar thoroughly, ensuring there is no residue or moisture. Remove the lid if you plan to use it as a base for the luminary. Follow the instructions on my last post.

Step 2: Tear up red white and blue tissue paper and decoupage the inside of the jars using a 1 to 1 ration of Elmers glue and water. Allow the decorations to dry completely before proceeding.

Step 3: Fill the bottom of the jars with a few stones or glass beads to add weight. These fillers will help diffuse the light and add visual interest. Be creative with your choices!

Step 4: Add a battery-operated LED light into the jar on top of the stones or glass beads using them to help raise the light closer to the center of the jar, its a nice trick to get a little more light out of the jar.

Step 5: Enjoy the ambiance@ Turn off the lights and enjoy the cozy and warm glow emanating from your luminary. Place along your front path or on a tabletop, windowsill, or hang it with twine for a charming patriotic accent!

Happy Memorial Day!!


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