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My Romantic 21st birthday evening at Locanda Verde in Tribeca!

Hey there, folks! I'm super excited to share my experience of a totally romantic dinner I had with my boyfriend at Locanda Verde, this awesome restaurant tucked away in the heart of Tribeca, New York City. So, we showed up around 8pm, and let me tell you, the place was dripping with romance vibes, thanks to the chill ambient lighting that set the perfect mood for our date night.

Alright, let's get into the food adventure! We decided to start things off with the insalata d'andrea. Now, here's the thing: it was pretty decent, but surprise, surprise... they had sneaky arugula in there, even though it wasn't mentioned on the menu! Ugh, both of us can't stand arugula, but we managed to work around it and ate the rest of the salad, no biggie.

Now, let me talk about the star of the show—my main course, the rigatoni. Oh my gosh, you guys, it was hands down the yummiest pasta ever! Picture this: loads of creamy ricotta, which happens to be my absolute fave. Each forkful was like a little taste of heaven, leaving me totally satisfied and drooling for more.

On the flip side, my boyfriend went for the carbonara. Unfortunately, it didn't hit the spot for him. It wasn't like your classic carbonara, you know? They had the egg on top instead of mixing it in, and to make things weirder, they threw in some asparagus. He thought it totally ruined the whole carbonara vibe he was craving. Bummer, dude!

Time for dessert, my sweet tooth was craving some tiramisu, so we decided to share a plate. It was good, but man, they really soaked it in this strong coffee liquor and smothered it with some creamy sauce. And guess what? They topped it all off with a scoop of heavenly vanilla gelato. The gelato was amazing, but you won't believe this—it cost us four bucks per scoop! Talk about a sweet indulgence with a side of wallet shock.

Oh, and let's not forget about the drinks! I went for the Alpino, a refreshing choice that perfectly matched the flavors of the food. My boyfriend went for the Rosito, another solid drink that he enjoyed.

Now, get this—brace yourselves for the weirdest thing ever! The table next to us ordered espresso martinis, but get this—they replaced the vodka with tequila! I mean, seriously? We couldn't help but exchange bewildered looks. It was such a bizarre substitution that we were tempted to ask them why on earth they did that, but my boyfriend advised me not to stir up any trouble. We just sat back, listened in, and let the oddity of the situation sink in.

To wrap it all up, our evening at Locanda Verde was the epitome of romance. Yeah, sure, there were a couple of hiccups with that sneaky arugula and the non-traditional carbonara, but let me tell you, that rigatoni stole my heart. We left the place feeling all warm and fuzzy, grateful for the memorable and intimate dining experience we had in the heart of Tribeca, NYC.

Cheers to good food, good company, and those unforgettable conversations from the neighboring table!

With Love,


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