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Crystabelles Cravings

Hi Everyone,

Located in the vibrant Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, Amano is an Italian restaurant that promises an authentic dining experience. Offering a prix fixe menu, this cozy establishment invites guests to indulge in the flavors of Italy. However, my recent visit to Amano left me with mixed feelings.

Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately noticed the bustling atmosphere. The space was crowded, and the noise level was quite high, which detracted from the overall dining experience. Our seating arrangement in a corner table booth provided some privacy, but the limited space made it feel a bit cramped.

We opted for the prix fixe menu, and while the offerings were promising, the execution fell short in some aspects. Crystabelle chose the kale salad as her starter, but unfortunately, it arrived warm instead of being served chilled. However, the dressing was flavorful and complemented the greens well. The highlight of the meal was undoubtedly the fresh-made bread, which was delicious and a testament to the restaurant's attention to detail.

For the main course, Crystabelle ordered the classic spaghetti Bolognese, while her date opted for the short rib ravioli. The spaghetti Bolognese was decent, but it lacked the depth of flavor that characterizes a truly exceptional rendition of this beloved dish. The short rib ravioli, on the other hand, impressed with its tender meat filling and well-balanced sauce.

To conclude the meal, Crystabelle chose the rosemary honey panna cotta for dessert, while her date indulged in the traditional tiramisu. The panna cotta had a subtle hint of rosemary, which added an interesting twist to the creamy dessert. The tiramisu, however, was the standout of the evening, boasting a rich and velvety texture with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone.

One notable aspect of Amano is that it operates as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) establishment, which can be a positive attribute for those who prefer to enjoy their favorite wine or beverage with their meal. Additionally, the prix fixe menu, priced at $48 per person, offers a decent value for the variety of courses provided.

While the restaurant's ambiance and service were decent, with a friendly yet slightly distracted waiter, the overall dining experience at Amano did not live up to my expectations. The warm salad and the crowded, noisy atmosphere were disappointing factors. Considering all these aspects, I would rate Amano a 6.5 out of 10.

Although Amano showcases potential with its Italian-inspired dishes and inviting prix fixe menu, the inconsistencies and the crowded space left me longing for a more exceptional dining experience.

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