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Hey everyone!

As anyone who has been in my chair, or knows me, knows I have a tiny obsession with TV, music and movies. I cannot tell you how many times someone has been sitting in my chair and said “omg! I love this song! Or I have not heard this in AGES! Or heard me use a quote from a movie like "Steel Magnolias"

or "The Devil Wears Prada" and laughed out loud over the reference. The question I get asked the most is “why?” Well, to answer, I think TV, music and movies have the unique ability to teach us when we are least expecting it.

My love for TV, music and movies started at a young age when I found that I could better understand how life works through them. Over my 40+ years of watching and listening I have been taught so much from just watching a well executed movie or TV episode. Be cautious online, I learned from watching episodes of Buffy, season 1 ep 8 “I robot, you Jane” to be precise.

Or the more light hearted lesson of “don’t give up on love, and relationships are WORK” I got from "The Notebook."

The thing about movies tv and music is that they are the true modern continuation of traditional religious art. Like the traditional religious art, where we the illiterate masses are meant to learn and grow from the images and symbols the artist and their patrons choose to paint, now we learn directly from the artists words and movements and calculated choices. We all love to talk about the hair, the costumes and the stories that take us away from our day to day lives, but we really do learn a lot more from watching and listening something that was really just meant to entertain.

Now. The reason I picked the movie and picture above is this.. as a kid I just loved "The Breakfast Club," (because my sister Beth did and well NO-ONE was cooler then her..) but then as I got older it became a kind of tradition to have it on and then after watching it over and over I truly grasped the real lesson John Hughes was trying to express. We really are not all that different! In the movie they give the five high school archetypes, i.e., the jock, the princess, the outcast, the geek and the weirdo. At the start they stick to the ones they know jock and popular girl sit with each other..

Then.. they start talking.. and even in the scene in the picture above, emotions run high.. but they keep talking.. and as it turns out.. they can not only identify each others cliques but they learn that they all can identify with each other on a truly human deeper level.. And THAT is really what is needed in the world right now. Brotherhood.

I’ve realized the biggest reason I love doing hair is that I get to hear people’s stories. With each new person in my chair I get to learn a new point of view and see life through a different lens. AND I have found that the multi award winning news anchor and the single guy that just moved here for his first job after graduation have one thing in common, they just want to be heard, seen and to matter to somebody and I for one am grateful I get to be that somebody for them however briefly I can.

"So... don't, don't, don't you, forget about me."

Can't wait until I see you at Mixxia but in the meantime...

What’s your favorite movie and what did you learn from it?

Sincerely Yours,


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