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This month, I want to talk about the power of music. I often mention my love of music because it helps us feel and think through problems, find answers, and explore complex emotions. Consider the power of a love song like "I Will Always Love You" or a break-up ballad like "Since You've Been Gone." Sometimes, I enjoy finding multi-layered meanings in a song, like Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach." Is she singing about keeping her boyfriend or a literal baby? I believe it could be both.

For this month, I've been thinking about the layers of "Never Enough" from "The Greatest Showman." The chorus keeps repeating "never enough, never, never, never enough." At first, I thought it was greedy, always wanting more and never being content. But then I started thinking, is that so bad?

(And by the way, how many wigs do you have, Rich? ("never enough, never, never")

I feel like greed is what keeps us growing and evolving as people. If I didn't want more from life than what my mom showed us, I would have stayed poor, lazy, and stuck in central NJ. But instead, I knew I wanted more from life. Whatever I achieved, it was "never enough." I wanted more money, a better place to live, and simply put, a better life. Thanks to my clients, a good work ethic, and colleagues, I'm doing better than I thought I could. But it's still not enough. I want more so I can do more.

So I ask you, is it so wrong, in the right context, to think that there's "never enough"? Is greed always wrong? I believe we could argue that being driven, goal-oriented, and hardworking are the positive sides of "greed." Having a "never enough" outlook while staying humble and trying to better yourself is not a bad thing.

Set your sights on your future, and remember your new motto: stay humble, and there's never enough room to grow.

Love y'all!


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