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Roaming Remy

Hello Fellow Travelers,

My name is Remy, the newest member to Mixxia's Family. I might not have had the chance to meet you yet but I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and share one of my favorite hobbies outside of the salon traveling. I have been lucky to have been able to tour all over the world and I wanted to take the chance here to share with you some of my favorite stories about the people and places I have gotten to experience.

For the first installment of "Roaming Remy" I wanted to tell you about this magical place I found off the beaten path in Spain, a place called Almuñecar. It's a small seaside town on the Mediterranean sea in the province of Granada, originally named Sexi by the Phoenicians.

After arriving and checking into a quaint Airbnb, my girlfriend and I booked, we took a brisk walk to get our bearings in the town and grab dinner. We were standing in front of a restaurant looking at one of those menus they put out on the street to try and entice tourist stomachs when a local couple came up and struck up a conversation with us. We immediately hit it off; Ed and his wife Lola offered to take us somewhere good for drinks. Fifteen drinks and three bars later we exchanged numbers and made plans for brunch the next day, then stumbled back to our room for the night. The next morning, after an amazing brunch, Ed and Lola decided that they were not only going to show us around the town the rest of the day but they were going to take off the entire week to show us around like real locals.

They took us hiking in the mountains of Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada to the thermal baths in Durcal called "Bano Chico" where the flow of the river formed natural jacuzzis heated solely by mother earth. We toured the castle in the towns center, Castillo de San Miguel, a fortress built by Moors in the 1st century.

Of course we spent hours on the beautiful beaches, on one there are three rock islands jetting out from the shore creating a barrier surrounding you like an embrace. The waters are crystal clear and the waves are small enough to make it perfect for swimming. There aren't any huge predators in the water, so you can put your mind at ease and just float around in the salty water. The towns timeline blends the historical architecture of the Romans and Moors with the more modern resorts into a gorgeous mix of past and present.

It is simply wonderful to simply take a walk down one of narrow cobblestone streets. The ambiance of the town makes just doing some shopping or grabbing yourself some yummy pastries and a coffee an experience worthy of an Instagram influencer. You can get a glass of wine or beer, whichever you prefer, pretty much anytime of day or night for about $2.50, and most of the time it comes with free food! There are botanical gardens and ancient ruins dating back thousands of years. Music, dancing and performances are almost daily so you will always have something new to see or do. Oh and I cannot forget to mention the mountains are covered in lavender so not only the views are amazing but the whole place smells like heaven. This experience has stuck with me just like our friends, Ed and Lola, who we keep in touch with still today!! So when you do get the chance to meet me tell me a little about your favorite traveling experience and ask me about more stories from my trips! (Ask about the time I got to go skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea) Until then, safe travels friend.


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